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Introduction The current wastewater and sewage disposal plants have reached their limit due to their obsoleteness, ever-increasing pollutants, and toughened environmental regulations. With its in-depth experiences in research activities in colleges and on-site consulting, ANT21 has accumulated extensive know-how in environmental technologies, especially in water treatment technology. ANT21's goal is to solve environmental problems by using its expertise and to provide economic profits for businesses and a healthier environment for people. ANT21 is exerting its best efforts to achieve these goals with a service-oriented mindset and unflinching determination. ANT21 is committed to establish itself as an environmentally friendly business that upholds customer values. Main Products High efficiency diffusers Vision Slogan ANT21 has developed the so-call "ANT water treatment method" with its own technologies and know-how. By using this newly developed method, ANT21 designs and provides customized sewage treatment facilities that are compatible to the water and environmental conditions.


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ANT21 Co., Ltd.

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Hyeon Kim

Rm513, 199, Techno2-ro
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